Review It Takes Death To Reach A Star

If you love dystopian Sci-fi this is for you. Escape into a brilliantly written future of genetically enhanced beings, religious zealots, kick-arse female protagonists, hapless hero’s and maniacal bad guys. Enjoy the ride and the twist in the tale. Thank God this is just book one.

Book Review Security Needs by Alexa Blue

We so often get caught up in our every day and don’t have enough time to sit down with a long novel. I love Alexa’s writing style and “Security Needs” did not disappoint. What is their not to love the experienced older ab loaded alpha sent to look after the curvilicious crusader BBW. No weak damsels in distress here. So what happens next well my favourite things – action, romance and steamy sheets. no spoilers here just if I were you I would definitely add this to your guilty pleasures quick read list.

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