THIS IS NOT a sappy romance read where Miss Y swoons at the sight of attractive Mr X.

BUT If you want a great read about WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE and real men not threatened by women who can hold their own in any situation. PLEASE GO RIGHT AHEAD and get hooked. Rowland, The Senator’s Son is Book One of the fast-paced kick-arse, action adventure series – Forces at Play.

These skilfully crafted tales are married with a dash of mystery, a peppering of naughty but nice sex scenes including a little 50 shades for the clever woman (you know where the girls are in charge), a big smattering of bad guys that are just plain maniacal and great support characters.  They are tales that will have you gasping OMG and WTF.

Rowland, The Senator’s Son – Book 1

“It was continuous pages of Hot, Sexy, Mysterious, Sit on the edge of your seats, Thrilling, Hilarious, Emotionally moving, Captivating and Women empowering literature.” 

A. Firth, Queensland.
50 Shades for the Clever Woman, this time the ladies are in charge.

“Rowland – The Senators Son, One Man’s Destiny, One Woman’s Past. An Unconventional Story of Politics, Sex and Revenge.

Book synopsis  

Rowland Jeffers, District Attorney for City of New York and the eldest of the six sons of the highly respected Senator Ryan-John Jeffers. He is powerful, intelligent, successful, handsome and wealthy in his own right; A man with a destiny, his life has been an open book.

Prior to the Senator’s passing, Ryan-John elicits a promise from Rowland that he will look after a woman, an extremely special one. As a man of honour of course his son vows. At Ryan-Johns funeral a woman appears. Mysterious, elegant, Rowland is immediately drawn to her. Is this the woman?

Alexia Kingstone, well known on the New York Art Scene as the eccentric Australian artist and philanthropist. Her studio Dark Angel Gallery is acclaimed and she is renowned for creating high-end men’s jewellery, for the rich and powerful.

A mysterious woman that seems to have no real past and is always surrounded by successful men, what is her real story?

Can Rowland fulfil his promise and look after what his father thought so precious? Or will her past destroy them both?

Rowland, the Senator’s Son is the first Book for the “Force’s at Play Series”, while it is part of the series it can be read as a stand alone story.

BLUSH FACTOR/ Content and Trigger Warning.

Rowland, The Senators Son is Dark Erotica. It contains swearing, only enough to evince realism into the characters and the stories. They are written for those 18 years and over. You will find sex, violence, abuse and murder scenes. They are detailed without being grotesque. This book also contain Fetish/BDSM orientated themes and scenes too. 

Trigger warnings: #TW:death, #TW:violence, #TW:rape, #TW: alcoholabuse, #TW:suicide, #TW:kidnapping,

 If you find yourself prudish, saintly or easily offended, my books ARE NOT FOR YOU.