Review It Takes Death To Reach A Star

It Takes Death to Reach a Star
It Takes Death to Reach a Star 
by Stu Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you love dystopian Sci-fi this is for you. Escape into a brilliantly written future of genetically enhanced beings, religious zealots, kick-arse female protagonists, hapless hero's and maniacal bad guys. Enjoy the ride and the twist in the tale. Thank God this is just book one.

For those of us who love our bad guys twisted the Gracile Leader and Kapka add great spice but really Vedmak is my man (written so well it all creeps up on you Mila and Demitri won't see it coming). 

Enjoyed the edginess and honesty that shines through. Great action. I have already referred the story to my military buddy's as I know they will enjoy the action scenes (there are things the human body does and does not do, they get pretty pissed off if I ever write things that don't ring true).

The style of the story is fluid with smooth transitions. The dystopian setting is fantastic. Make sure you get onto the website http://www.ittakesdeathtoreachastar.c... great to have an interactive map and support material.

For a writer creating your own world/peoples is not as easy as it sounds and to keep it all straight is even more impressive. Happy to say no discrepancies so nothing distracting to irritate you whilst reading this one.

This has become one of my all time favourites and would recommend it to anyone who loves this genre. 

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