The Goddess and her Mountain

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Toku Ngiha, one of my favourite characters. I love him because he has all the great characteristics of a large proportion of my male friends from New Zealand. Protective, Strong sense of honour and respect as well as that fantastic warrior spirit.

The following is an Excerpt from – Rowland, The Senator’s Son.

I am “Toku Ngiha” – my name means Igneous Rock in my native tongue; rock that emerges from the volcano. I am six foot, three inches and 300 pounds of Maori Warrior.  In the service of my goddess as personal guard and driver for the past ten years, I am known by the house as Toku (Rock).


I take my goddess’s hand to assist her to the back seat of the Bentley, feeling the slight tremble.  The hounds had been right – that bastard Assistant Prosecutor from the State Attorney’s Office had made his move and threatened her.

I keep my thoughts to myself, but fuck, I just want pound the tutae (shit) out of him.  Ekon, her younger Hound, had informed me via his earpiece that Blain Jackson had been man-handling her as they danced. If the honourable Mr Rowland Jeffers had not interfered, there might have been a Maori blood bath, right there on the dance floor.

No one handles my goddess like that – NO ONE!

I shut the car door, take a deep breath and walk around to the driver’s side of the car and look to where Rowland Jeffers still stood strong. Looking like the Tane Mahuta, a giant kauri tree native to the Waipoua Forest of my island home.  I nod my respect and thanks for the care of my goddess and get into the car.

“Home please, Toku,” her sweet voice is light.

“As my goddess wishes,” I answer.

She only waits long enough for us to drive out of sight before speaking again. “Why were my hounds watching?” she asks.

My goddess’s words catch me off guard.

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